Friday, 17 June 2022


Posterstore is a pretty new Swedish company selling posters and frames in Scandi designs that are both beautiful and affordable and for readers of this blog,
(my massive discount code has now expired, but still worth a look at the website as it's a constant rotation of discounts, though mine was the biggest at 55%!!)

Posterstore kindly gave me a voucher to spend with them, I'll show you at the end the beauts I chose.

They have a huge selection of posters in different themes and categories for all tastes and a new poster collection is released every Tuesday.
I particularly love their kids wall art.
There was nothing like this around when my teenage son was small.

And I love a typography or quote print.

I'm thinking of getting a few quote prints in the smaller sizes to dot around the house.
Help to keep a positive mind set.

They stock picture frames in all sizes and my love of the plain black frame will never tire but I have recently started loving a slim light wood frame.
Love these oak frames and they work really well with all the neutral interior design at the moment.

The frames also have those big metal clips that hold the back board in place, love those, so much less fiddley than the standard little clips you bend.
If you are looking to create a gallery wall, Posterstores unique prints will help you create a wall tailor made for your home.  Every time you click on a print, it will show you images of the print and the print as part of a gallery wall.

All the Posterstore posters are printed on sustainably produced, high quality paper as you would expect from a Scandinavian company.

This is what I chose.

Love them, the F*** it poster is in an old frame I already had, here it is hung in my first floor hall.
(As always my photos aren't doing them justice).

Really love everything about this print.
Those beautiful antique bamboo shelves need sorting out though, as always keeping it real on this blog.

The Wanderlust print in the oak frame, I loved it so much I was carrying it around the house seeing if it would work in a prominent location, but no it worked best where I had intended it to go, in the guest room replacing the old Dr Zhivago film poster.

I love kids art work in a proper frame.
I have a mixed media picture Oliver made with an artist when he was small and I had framed it in the cheapest Ikea poster frame.
So I chose a black wooden frame and a white mount for it to give it the professionally framed look.

Hope you find something great with this great saving.


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